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22. February 2017, 01:04:56 PM
Xith3D CommunityXith3D InternalsDeveloper discussion (Moderators: Marvin Fröhlich, 'n ddrylliog)XIN suggestions and "bugs"
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: XIN suggestions and "bugs"  ( 2213 )
Arne Müller
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« : 25. April 2007, 01:21:10 PM »


for my JOODE doku, I try to follow the XIN as closely as possible to have as little Xith-overhead as possible. (and because the old ways of setting up xith, aint the ways nowadays ;) )

I had the following problems trying to implement the examples in XIN:

1. import statements aren't given, so I always had to search for those
2. in the src-code example in Chapter 3, the method on line 31 (InputAdapterRenderLoop.registerKeyboardAndMouse(Canvas3D) ), does not exist anymore.
3. Chapter8a: RenderLoop.scheduleOperation(ScheduledOperation) doesn't exist. + why do you have "new MyOperation2" as a parameter instead of "new MyOperation" ?

I haven't progressed further, so other stuff might follow

« : 25. April 2007, 08:56:43 PM Arne Müller »

Marvin Fröhlich
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« #1 : 25. April 2007, 04:42:18 PM »

I believe, the import statements would bloat the document. In the xith-tk project there's an org.xith3d.xin package, which contains all the XIN chapters' examples (with imports). And any release is shipped with these examples next to the XIN document. And the examples can be downloaded at xith.org next to the document. So I think, having the examples as code is sufficient and even better than bloating the document with the imports, which can at least easily be found by eclipse.

For the registerKeyboardAndMouse() method:
InputAdapterRenderLoop is a convenience extension of RenderLoop. It implements InputListener and its constructor automatically adds itself to the list of input listeners in the InputManager.
To register devices do the following:

In an (InputAdapter)RenderLoop extension:
Code: [Select]
this.getInputManager().registerKeyboardAndMouse( Canvas3D );

I will fix this in XIN. But I guess, you will find more things to fix and I will want to fix them all at once. So please edit the first posting in this thread any time you find something so that I can get all information from one posting when we're through.

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